Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tools of the Chase #187

By Patti McNeal from Katy, TX, USA
I love the fact that our Ohio region (called the Bobolink region) has a rare bird alert system. Robert Hershberger, owner of Time and Optics on CR 77, manages the message system and leaves regular updates accessible by phone. I had the chasing itch, so I called over my lunch break. Low and behold a lifer was nearby! I printed out a weekly checklist from the Ohio Ornithological website and off I went, birding down the road while eating a burger. It wasn't long before I arrived at Dan Hershberger's Farm. Birding in the Amish area is also something special worth noting. I've stopped by farms on numerous occasions chasing birds now, and I've always found the family to be hospitable and excited to help you find the bird. A little respect and personal contact, and you get to meet a great family while looking for birds. Today was the same story. Dan pointed me in the direction of the bird and his boy John became my guide. Johnny readily picked out the bird singing and led me across a newly planted corn field to right within binoc range of a new lifer: the Dickcissel.

If you are in the Holmes - Wayne County area and want to know where the birding action is check out:

Time & Optics:
Greg Miller wrote a whole page on this great store here:

The Boblink Rare Bird Alert:

The Ohio Ornithological website (checklists available):

Have a great Day!

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